Friday, May 4, 2018

weekend wishes

happy friday and happy may!!!
this picture has nothing to do with anything...other than the fact that i went shopping last week and found this cute little number to wear to an event last saturday night. {i don't very often go shopping for me. i'm not going to lie. it was very enjoyable}.

a few things on my mind before i get to the weekend wishes...

the red for ed strike.
arizona teachers went on strike last thursday and did not return to the classrooms until today. {6 days later}.
i believe in and fully support the teachers. it is an awful shame that we ever got to this point. arizona education is one of the lowest in the country with almost the lowest in teacher pay. our teachers are fleeing to neighboring states and the ones getting hurt by this are our kids.
some of the arguments i have heard...
"they knew what they were doing when they decided to go into teaching. they knew what their pay was."
really? that is the attitude we want to have? we NEED teachers. if they all leave because of the poor pay what will happen to our youth? and i don't believe they knew what they were getting into. i believe they thought it would get better and i'm sure they thought it didn't matter because they were going to shape lives and change the world. well, they can't do that with low pay, decades old text books, and moldy classrooms. {yup. all true. right here in arizona}.

"teachers are being greedy. they only work  6 months out of the year."
you're kidding, right? they, maybe, get 6 weeks off during the summer. most of them offer tutoring or work second jobs during these off weeks. plus, during the school year they work way more than their teaching day. there's after school tutoring, sports, chaperoning, grading, preparing...the list goes on and on. and. they spend so much of their own money on classroom supplies. that should never happen. ever,

now. i know the walk out hurt lots of families and support staff...and teachers. pay checks were not earned and families were scrambling to find places for their children.
az leaders knew this was coming. they should have gotten off their butts and done something.
instead, the legislatures adjourned last thursday evening...not meeting for the weekend. but, they attended a meeting for private schools. {our leaders are big on privatizing the education system}. and our governor continued spending money on ads...propaganda {full of lies} that the uninformed public would believe.

the teachers returned to school without fulling getting what they were asking for, but they wanted to be in their classrooms and knew they needed to be there. more changes still need to be made. it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few months...

ok. moving on.
we have had the strangest spring. this week we had highs in the 60's and 70's and snow in the high country. beautiful, but strange.  i got to hike twice this week and loved it!

home stretch.
last night we attended randi's senior dinner. teachers spoke about each senior...highlighting their strengths and sharing funny moments. it was a nice evening...a memory i will always be grateful for.

three weeks to go. three weeks until graduation and three weeks until my baby is down to his last year of middle school. {if i can get him through it! he has checked out. the early week break didn't help with his summer fever}!

my hair grows so ridiculously fast. i want to go shorter!

and finally...
weekend wishes.

this weekend the highs will be in the low100's. we will enjoy that lovely heat wave as we watch, coach, play baseball. lots of water, gatorade, and sunscreen will be consumed and used over the next 48 hours!
regardless of the heat {randi will be working in it}...we will treasure the moments. we will laugh, smile, cheer, and sweat. a lot.

here's to a weekend full of sun kissed moments!