Friday, May 11, 2018

weekend wishes

{the angel girl who made me a mama}

happy friday and happy mother's day weekend!!

i could not be happier that the weekend is here. it was another long week filled with teacher appreciation duties. {i have one more event left and then i can wipe my hands clean of my PTO responsibilities. yippee}! i love my co-chair and we {for the most part} have had fun, but we are both ready to pass the baton!

on to mother's day... i struggle with this day every year. i'm constantly trying to figure out the best way to spend the day. i've gone out of town {felt guilty}, i've cooked and hosted for my family {fun, but too much work}, we've gone out {too crowded}...honestly, it's like any other day and i try and make it something different. 

i love and appreciate and want to celebrate my mom, but i also feel the need to be with my kids. i don't think i'm alone in this dilemma either. most of my mom friends feel the same way. we really don't like the "hallmark" day! we feel too guilty to do what we really want to do!

so here we are...another mother's day and i'm trying something different. we will hang out by the pool all day and go to the dback game that evening. it was my idea. i figured, we all like baseball. it will be a fun day full of relaxing, sunshine and baseball. sounds pretty good to me!

{the sweet boy who made me a boy mama}.

the other day, i was frustrated with my cherubs. later that morning, as i was running to both schools, i thought "that's it. i'm done. i'm ready for the next chapter! i just want to hang out with mr. c!"
a few nights later when both kids were out and about and had other plans for dinner i looked at my husband and sadly said, "i guess this is how it's going to be." he happily exclaimed, "i like it!"
well i don't!!! 

being mom is a tough job. it's not for the thin skinned. we have to be patient when inside we are screaming and having our own temper tantrum. we have to be calm and cool when inside we are doing our best happy dance. {like when randi came to us and said she wants to stay in arizona for her undergrad}. we have to stop and listen. we are hanging on every word of the story...whether it be the latest drama or what the latest skins are in fort night. we try to be fair. we try to help while still making sure they learn a lesson. and sometimes our hearts break while we let them fall...just so they can learn the lesson.

i have moments when i want to poke my eyes out. {like when i'm trying to get cade to do his homework}. there are times when i want to keep them wrapped in my arms forever and keep them from the dangers of the world. and beware of the person who hurts my babies...this mama bear is a force to be reckoned with!
but mostly, there are joyous, heart beaming moments when i think, "these kids are pretty awesome human beings."  
my biggest goal is to make sure i have given them the confidence and tools to make good choices in life. my amazing mom did that for me and i could not be more grateful.

happy mother's day!