Monday, June 25, 2018

the graduate

 it's official. i have a high school graduate...full fledge adult in my presence. {i'm super behind in my posts...she has been official for almost a month now}!

isn't she beautiful? i was in awe of her this night. i watched her float through the crowd...graciously thanking her favorite teachers and hugging her dear friends.

speaking of favorite teachers...her french teacher was her absolute fav.

papa was there too, but had already found a place to sit down. {emerson was sick...troy stayed home with him}.

little brother {who is taller than sissy} is way too cool for school! he was actually pretty cute with her and wanted to make sure they were still going go be able to go on dutch runs together now that she has graduated.  {dutch bros coffee}

proud mama. so proud.

her bff...sarah

girl power all the way!

her main squeeze

the weekend ended on sunday with her 18th birthday. we took them to buck and ryder and had a great dinner. we celebrated this beautiful girl and all the goodness she is!

the whole weekend was full of celebration! after graduation we all went to dinner with jason and family {kami, connor and his wife}. it was nice for all of us to be together and i am so grateful for the healthy relationships we have. on saturday morning, we hosted a brunch and had a nice turn out of family and friends. randi went to some parties that evening while we took a moment to breathe! sunday was the big birthday! she started the day with friends over breakfast and ended with our wonderful dinner.

i am proud. i can't say it enough. she is a fun, organized, head strong, independent, vibrant young woman and i can't wait to see how she spins this world in the right direction!