Monday, July 2, 2018

a little get away

a week after we celebrated randi, mr. c and i hopped on a plane with friends and headed to san francisco. {one of our favorite cities}. we spent a few days with fellow dback campers. {fantasy baseball camp mr. c does every year}.

{me and my love at the alpha omega winery}
although we have done this dback trip before, this time there were a couple extra treats. first, our dear friends {claudia and bryan} joined us. second, we were invited to a private wine tasting by a camper who owns a winery in napa.

day two we drove out to napa and were given first class treatment. the vineyard was beautiful! just sitting on the patio with a delicious glass of sauvignon blanc was enough, but then they escorted us out to a private lunch beneath the trees near the grape vines. 

it was absolutely lovely. fresh from the farm produce, fresh caught fish, and smooth wine. heaven.

after our lunch, we were invited to a private wine tasting. although i have been to several wine tastings, i learned so much more during this presentation. {and i loved almost all of the wine}!

{the winery}

{the grape vines we passed as we walked to owner's home}.

{residence of the winery owners...beautiful home and lovely people}.

after our tasting, we walked through the vineyard to the home of the winery owners {robin and michelle}...where they wined and dined us some more. they are a gracious host and hostess with a very welcoming home.

after relaxing there for a while, the ladies went to a local restaurant for dinner and the men grilled and watched the NBA playoffs.  it was a fun, full day!

 just a lovely picture of a beautiful church in the city. i didn't realize the lack of pictures i took of the city until i started posting this. i guess i have visited so many times i didn't feel the need to snap some photos! however, we did spend a great deal of time walking this fabulous city, we had chowder and sour dough on the wharf, drank some wine and shopped at the nike store on the square. {my fav}.

on our last full day, we were invited on a cruise around the bay on robin and michelle's yacht.
we have had the opportunity to do this before, but last time i was so worried about getting sea sick - i didn't enjoy it. but this time...i relaxed, had a glass of wine and loved it!

the waters were calm and the views were breathtaking. {it had been windy in the city all day, so i was a bit nervous}. i didn't move much from where i was sitting. i sipped my delicious sauvignon blanc and took in the views. {and watched others have too much fun}!

our cruise ended in mccovey cove - just outside the ballpark for the san francisco giants. after hanging there for a little while {watching the guys in the kayaks catch foul balls}, we headed into the ballpark and watched some baseball. our dbacks were playing the giants.

it was a great trip and a nice little getaway with mr. c. 
may was so crazy with end of school, baseball, graduation, 18th was nice to get away and do very little. it was happiness not having to make a meal or do laundry and it was pure bliss being with mr. c.