Wednesday, July 18, 2018

sugar and spice

we have this tree.  an apple tree. we have had it for years, but it had never produced fruit.
until. now.
this little tree of ours grew enough fruit to make FOUR apple pies! and i love apple pie!

with all of these apples...a little baking frenzy began. for two weeks i have been happily covered in flour and powdered sugar!

on fourth of july i made my second apple pie of the week and these decadent frosted sugar cookies.
{mr. c requested an apple pie and i was craving these cookies}.

it is such a rewarding feeling to get that pie crust down! it is the funnest part of the baking for me.
the little sticks are cinnamon sugar sticks made with the extra pie dough. {my nana used to do this}.

the gym where we train just opened their new location {which is FABULOUS}. i love the staff and wanted to celebrate them with a festive cake! {i had never done this "watercoloring" technique. it was fun to do, but still needs some work}.

this was my favorite cake to do! i wanted to celebrate randi and her bff {sarah} and their homecoming from summer adventures.  what better way to say "welcome home" than with a three layered chocolate cake topped with rose water flavored - frosted roses?!

my go to apron. it's not pretty or frilly or vintage {which i love}. but. i got it at a great little bakery in california when i was with randi and my mom a few years ago. it's comfy, worn in just the right places, and...the name. love.

but. i also love a little vintage number. especially when making apple pie! i have more aprons than i know what to do with and i can't part with a single one!!!  they make me about as happy as baking does!