Monday, July 9, 2018

the break up

it's been a fun ride, me and wine. but. we're done. i'm officially breaking up with the decadent grape juice. {and other alcoholic beverages}. why, you might ask? well, let me lay it out for you...

growing up, i didn't drink. i wasn't like many of my high school peers who experimented at parties. i went to all of the parties, but everyone knew i didn't drink. it may have been a big deal in the beginning, but by my senior year it would have been shocking if i did have a drink. it wasn't until i moved to mexico when i was 19 that i had my first drunk experience. and you know what? it honestly brings back fun memories. i was with my friend, kim, and we were having a great time!  i had fun and created lasting memories during those few months, but when it was was over. i moved back home and started back in school. i became more involved in church and the drinking was over...for a while.

fast forward through my twenties, thirties and to today. {all of those decades had some happy hours}. i'm 45. i can't hang like i use to. i can't tell you how many times {in the last few years} i said i was done because i felt so cruddy the next day. i'm not talking every day or even every week...or really even every month. i'm not a big drinker, but sometimes even a glass or two of wine will make me feel tired with a headache the next day. i hate the way it makes me feel. i hate that i will eat anything once i have that glass in my hand. {i have to have cheese with wine. am i right}? i hate not being bright and alert and ready to go. and. i don't even love the taste. it's more of a relaxing, atmosphere thing. does that make sense? "oh, the weather is so nice. let's sit outside and have a cocktail." and sometimes it is nice to sip a glass of wine while making dinner with mr. c or visiting with girlfriends. but. i can do all of that with lemonade!

i was talking to one of my favorite people the other day and i was complaining about wine {that in itself is ridiculous} and i said it offers nothing. it doesn't bring anything good to the table. and he said, "anymore. it has brought some fun memories, bonding moments, special occasions, but it doesn't have anything to offer anymore." so smart! i don't regret anything. the ride has been great. but. it's time to say goodbye because now the only thing it offers is headaches, sleepiness, and damage to my body. {i work way too hard taking care of myself to pollute myself}! plus, can we talk about the wasted calories, carbs and sugars? seriously. at my age i would much rather have the cupcake than the glass of wine!