Friday, July 6, 2018

Weekend {freedom} wishes

happy friday! happy july!

this week we celebrated 4th of july. we didn't do much in our household...other than lots of baking and cooking! {randi worked all day and cade played}.  i was craving frosted sugar cookies and mr. c requested another apple pie. {i had made one 2 days earlier...that was now in our bellies}.  it was a nice day. i loved spending it in the kitchen alongside mr. c. {however, too much sugar is not a good thing.  combined with a little wine made for a yucky july 5th}!

{she has been texting me along the way. one of their stops. so nostalgic}!
4th of july is all about freedom, right? we celebrate the birth of this beautiful country and the freedoms it allows us. {well, it's a work in progress. right now it's real work in progress}. i'm grateful to exercise my freedom each day and teach my children to be confident and live free. {as long as they are not hurting themselves or others and they are being kind, good people}.

yesterday, my sweet daughter left on a week long road trip with her boyfriend. now, while some of you may be raising your eyebrows or even judging me...i am happy and excited for her. am i worried? of course! i'm worried anytime she is driving anywhere! but i can't allow fear to hold her back from a great adventure. she is a remarkable young woman. she is organized {she emailed me a detailed itinerary...complete with stops and drive times}, confident, smart, and strong. i know i have prepared her with the knowledge and tools needed and if she falls...i know she can pick herself up and learn along the way. {i also know i am a phone call away}! yes, she is with her boyfriend. yes, they will be sharing motel rooms. but. is she safe? is she independent and confident? is she free? yes, yes, and yes!
i say, "live your life! make mistakes! learn, grow, exercise your freedom! be you!!"  that's what i say, anyway.

happy weekend! may it filled with laughter, smiles and lots of freedom!