Friday, July 13, 2018

weekend wishes

happy friday!!

a couple of weeks ago i was greeted outside the spin room by a very excited regular spinner. he couldn't wait to show me his cycle shirt he designed. he said he made it with his "favorite cycle mindy-isms".  MADE. MY. DAY.  i absolutely love teaching and seeing someone appreciate what i do...well, it just made my day glow! {it really takes such little things to make each other happy. a random compliment, a smile, a "how is your day"...little things}.

i love working out and will seldom pass up a chance to go on a hike, walk, teach a class, anything that involves moving the body and feeling good! i always try to bring that enthusiasm to my classes. i know not everyone enjoys exercising, so if i can make it a little bit more positive and even fun...i'm going to do it! i never want anyone to feel discouraged or out of place. it should be a happy, positive experience. {that is not to say i don't kick their butts though}!!

this weekend i am only teaching my sunday class. {a fun, fabulous class filled with awesome, energetic people}! however, today {friday} did start with a trainer workout, a cycle class, and a training session for some new instructors.  the rest of the weekend will be filled with hugging and kissing my beautiful 18 year old...who comes home tonight from her 8 day road trip!!

cheers to a beautiful weekend! may it be filled with random compliments and smiling strangers!