Monday, July 16, 2018

West Fork Trail

a couple of weeks ago, we had a little adventure! i had suggested i take cade and a friend on a day trip to hike west fork trail in sedona. when i told mr. c he said he wanted to go and we should make it an overnight trip. ok! 
randi was actually planning a day trip with some girlfriends that same day, but needed to be home that evening for work. {which was perfect because she would be home for mia}.

i quickly found a cute house on air b&b and we packed our bags! 

the house was darling and i loved the home owner, suzi. {her house was next door}. we were able to talk with her about the hike and where to get breakfast. {i was super worried about getting there too late and not getting a parking spot. this is a popular trail and i had heard stories of people getting turned away}. she suggested we eat at indian gardens in oak creek canyon - which is on the way to the trail.
well. it was the best recommendation! this place was not only darling, but the food was fabulous!! mr. c put it on his top five list. plus, we were minutes from the trail and got there right when they opened the gate.

seriously. look how cute this place is. cute blankets draped over all the chairs, original old buildings, flowers blooming everywhere. so dang cute!

the journey started with this beautiful view and then a walk through an apple orchard! we also passed an old cabin that was once an old inn where celebrities stayed.

cade and connor. two 13 year olds thinking they are all that. {this was at the start of the hike. those smiles faded after mile 7}!

beautiful views everywhere! we crossed the creek thirteen times, but we stayed dry. c and i did! the trail is also shaded about 95% of the time, so it was nice and cool.

this kid can be anywhere and play ball. see the yellow blur? that would be a tennis ball.

they tried climbing these huge rocks...they were harder than they looked!

my love.
i think the hiking bug may have bit him on this hike.

we logged 7.2 miles on this hike. i loved every minute. even when the boys were not loving the hike out. i just tuned them out and took in all of the sites and sounds. i'm anxious to do it again in the fall. i bet it's breathtaking with the changing leaves and crisp air!