Monday, August 6, 2018

first day of the last year

{cade and andrew. first day of school 2018}

my baby started his last year of middle school last week. eighth grade.

he had mixed feelings about going back to school. {not going to lie...i had mixed feelings too}. he was kind of excited to see his friends and be the oldest in the school, but he would still rather be home.
he told me would miss me {melt my heart}, miss mia, miss playing fort night, miss eating whenever he wants, and just miss home in general. {he is truly a kid after my own heart. he and i are such homebodies}.
however, he had a good first two days and likes his classes and teachers. {except p. e. he needs to be in a different class}.

it was strange only having one first day of school. only one to make breakfast for and one to get out of bed. one to buy school supplies for and only one school to deal with.
and only one meet the teacher night. which, by the way, we didn't attend. first time in 13 years i did not attend meet the teachers! cade really didn't want to go and after arguing all afternoon i decided he didn't really need to go. {of course, i also had mr. c and randi saying he didn't have to go. he's in 8th grade}! so i worked out with mr. c instead and took the kids for ice cream afterward.
{but i did email all of his teachers. introduced myself and made sure they knew how to contact me should they need to. i had to. it was killing me}.

i think it will be a good year. he has set some goals and agrees with the rules we have set in place. {homework and baseball training done before anything else}.

ok. one down. now we just need to get that oldest kid moved into her dorm and on with college!!