Monday, August 27, 2018

dinner plans

this is what my sunday afternoons look like...cookbooks, laptop, lists, and a calendar.  i map out my dinners for the week. it's organized, budget friendly, and makes my life so much easier.  i crockpot on nights i know i won't be home in time to make dinner. i prepare more elaborate dinners on those nights when i know i am free all afternoon. i'm not searching for dinner ideas at 5 o'clock or running to the grocery store for last minute items. i make my weekly menu, write up a grocery list, run to the store, and i am good to go for the week!

the family likes it too. i find them checking the calendar in the mornings or after school to see what's on the menu!  now, of course, if mr. c comes home and suggests picking up something so i don't have to cook...i'm all in! i just move that dinner to a different day. :)

{some months i go all out decorating the calendar. this month? not so much}.

happy meal planning!!