Monday, August 20, 2018


in the midst of randi moving out and starting college this little boy turned 14. i can't even begin to tell you how quickly these past fourteen years have flown by. it seems like yesterday he and i were the day time team. he would push his construction and garbage trucks all over the house while i filled mini trash cans with mini trash and poured piles of flour on a tray for his construction site.

he would hang with me all day. we would bake, make play dough, look at fabric and scrapbook supplies. {he liked joann's and michael's almost as much as me}.  we would watch endless hours of the classics...tom and jerry, scooby doo, bugs bunny...
he was my bud.

now he has hair growing above his lip and a changing voice. he loves baseball and video games. {although it's been a while since he picked out fabric and asked me to make pajamas or a cape, he would probably still keep me company at the craft stores}.  he would still rather be home than anywhere else and homework is probably his least favorite thing in the world.  he never hesitates to give me hugs and cuddles. he is a kind soul and cares tremendously about the ones he loves. he is funny, smart, and the best son i could ask for.

happy birthday my sweet darling boy. i love you.