Thursday, August 23, 2018

Good Eats

{my protein pancakes}

a couple of months ago, i met with a sports doctor/nutritionist. i wanted more information on how to fuel my body properly for as active as i am. i had to keep a food journal for a few days before meeting with him. i have always thought i eat pretty clean and healthy...i just wanted to know what else i can do. well. i was off base. quite a bit. in fact, after looking over my journal dr. aaron said, "good news is we have lots of room for improvement". wow!
the biggest red flags were:

  • i was not eating enough.
  • i was no where near the amount of protein i should be intaking.
  • my carb count was too high.
so, he put together a meal plan for me {as a guideline}. but. he kept it real. i told him how important dinner time is for us a family and i couldn't prepare plain chicken and steamed veggies for a meal every night. i still prepare a healthy dinner every evening...i just cut out the carbs for me and load them up for cade. {he met with dr. aaron too...for a weight gain plan}.

probably the biggest change i made was cutting out my whole wheat bagel in the mornings. i would have half a bagel with peanut butter and honey in the morning and {sometimes} eat the other half at lunch with tuna or something. my body fat decreased significantly just by eliminating that carb! my new breakfast consist of a protein shake with berries and mid morning i have one egg and with three egg whites with veggies. {i break it up because i typically teach in the mornings. this way i have something before and after}. now. as much as i have been enjoying this... i began to grow a little tired of eggs! so i started playing with protein pancakes and now i am addicted! 
for my delicious pancakes:
  • i beat one egg and one egg white {you can use all egg whites if you want}
  • mix with a mashed banana OR half a baked sweet potato OR 1/4-1/3 cup of unsweetened apple sauce {i'm going to try mashed strawberries next}
  • add one scoop of protein powder {i prefer vanilla UMP}
  • add 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • add 1 teaspoon cinnamon {i love cinnamon. you can omit if you want}.
mix together and add to hot skillet. {it typically makes 2 medium size pancakes. you can also pour it in your waffle maker}. i drizzle mine with a little honey and/or light maple syrup and top with berries.

the only carbs come from the fruit. you could eliminate the fruit if you want carb free, but i need them for my classes and workouts.

this breakfast fills me up and carries me through the morning. i LOVE it!

lunch usually consists of chicken or tuna over salad or brown rice with veggies. a snack may be an apple, nuts, or a protein shake. dinner, as i mentioned, is a protein with some veggies. i still use sauces and lots of seasoning. i still make spaghetti, but i make zucchini noodles for myself and do not miss the noodles at all! {i'm addicted to those too}.

i want to emphasize this is not a diet, but a lifestyle. it's a cleaner way of eating and i am more aware of what i put in my body. i teach 3-5 classes a week and have 4 additional workouts... i need to fuel properly! i still eat cupcakes and cookies {occasionally} when i make them, but i don't snack on goldfish or eat bagels for breakfast! at 45 i feel great and my body fat is probably lower than it has ever been and i am stronger than i have ever been. i also eat more than i ever have!! it has been a fun, interesting process to learn how the body works with the fuel you give it. i don't feel deprived of anything and, trust me, if i want something i will eat it! because the other side of being healthy is being real!