Thursday, August 16, 2018


five o'clock came early saturday morning. this girl had a 6AM check in time to move into her dorm.  i was wide awake at 4:15 and mr. c was right there with me. i was feeling good. i got my tears out on friday. randi, however, was sobbing as i walked past her room. i couldn't believe it. she is not an emotional person and to see her cry so hard, so early...i couldn't imagine what was going on.
well. she hated saying goodbye to mia. i get it. your furry family member can't text or call or snapchat. this goodbye was the last communication with her for a while. {i still had to giggle at the whole thing. she can come home and see her whenever she wants}!!

we loaded up the truck and hit the road for the short ride to her campus. it was an unusually cool morning. actually, it was beautiful!

we were a little concerned with the amount of stuff she was packing. {this topic was the source of a few heated discussions}! however, in true randi fashion she had researched thoroughly and brought the right amount of things. {but she did forget her pillow and toothbrush that first night}!

mr. c was a champ. he was so supportive and helpful...unpacking boxes, hanging wall decor, moving furniture. when we were done and left the girls to finish settling in - we grabbed some breakfast. although he does not understand my emotions {crying in an instant as a thought of her floats across my mind}, he went on and on about how proud he is of her and he would do anything for her.
lucky girl.

the process was amazing. when they sent out emails saying, "trust the system", they meant it. they had it down to a science! it was so smooth with very little wait. they kept the flow moving!

her cute roommate and her parents were already in the room when we got there. she had most of her stuff unpacked and was left to filling her drawers and hang decor as her parents said goodbye.
{randi has never shared a room, so let's hope this all works out! her roommate is a doll though and they found each other through the student social media accounts. they had met several months ago and have since met a few times to shop for their dorm}.

my heart is so full, yet sad. {i'm not going to lie}. it doesn't matter that she is 20 minutes away. she could be a four hour plane ride away and it's still the same thing...a goodbye. a goodbye to her childhood. a goodbye to life as we knew it. it's not a bad thing. in fact, it's a great thing! nonetheless, it's a difficult closure for this mama to take.

i visited her again on sunday. {we were highly encouraged to attend a welcome lunch. randi and i both felt it was a waste of time, but i got to see her}.  and i was back again on monday with my mom...see her decorated dorm and take her to lunch. after our date, we dropped her off and watched her walk to her dorm. my chest got tight and i could feel the tears start to fill my eyes. this was it. yes, i will see her again, but this was a goodbye like no other.

yesterday, a friend sent this article to me. it is exactly how i feel. i read it and sobbed. i mean really let it all out.
{I Was the Sun...}

also, my aspiring journalist wrote this article for an online publication she writes for.
{My Childhood Home...}

i love her. more than the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky.