Wednesday, August 1, 2018

La Playa

about two weeks ago, mr. c and i headed across the border with 7 teenagers. SEVEN. five girls and two boys. and. we had a fabulous time!
we rented an awesome condo at las palomas. we were on the 14th floor with an incredible view and everyone had their space.

the whole idea of traveling to puerto penasco, mexico came to fruition because of these five beauties. they wanted to enjoy some time on the beach before they all went off to college. they decided i should be the parent that goes with them and i {as flattered as i was} decided mr. c needed to go with me. so we decided to make it a trip for everyone!

i had never been to this part of mexico. {about a 3.5-4 hour drive from the phoenix area} and mr. c had not been since he was a kid.
it was a very easy drive. we felt safe. the beach and water were beautiful. the resort/condo was nice. it was very inexpensive. but. a little boring.
i was fine. give me the beach and a book and i'm good to go for a few days. mr. c and the boys wanted some bigger waves and randi wanted some cute shops to walk to.  {the town is a typical border town...touristy junk}.
with all that said...
we would go back. i think there is more to see than what we saw. i would want to rent a house next time and do most of the cooking there. {we did a little in our condo, but not enough}. we would also look into renting a some fishing or paddle boarding or something!

i journeyed out on lovely runs every morning where i would find little creatures like this...

and lots of trash like this. i bet i picked up 7 bags worth of trash in a couple of days. i became angrier and angrier with every step i took. there are trash cans all along the beach, yet people are too stupid and lazy to throw away their trash! ugh! i'm getting mad all over again! honestly. don't pretend to enjoy the beach or outdoors if you can't be responsible and have a clue!

these two would hit the beach hard all day and crash early in the evening. i would say it was a thumb's up for them!
{picture was taken at pollo lucas. a great little shack with roasted chicken and homemade tortillas and beans and salsa}!

this man.
this man has a heart of gold and is the most generous person i know. he is caring, fun, and wants everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time!
{unfortunately, he woke up the second night with a little "mexican flu" and was in bed for 24 hours}!

the best part about this great man is...
he's mine. and he loves me better than anyone else!