Thursday, August 30, 2018

Random Thoughts

i have started knitting a blanket for randi. she picked the yarn from a cute store in portland this summer. she picked the colors to match her dorm and we both laughed that she would get it for grad school. {i'm a master at procrastination}! i've never made a blanket. that's way too big of a commitment! :) however, i am going to complete this! in a timely manner! i want my baby girl to have a blanket knitted by my hands. {and i want to prove to myself i can finish a long term project}!!

today i woke up at 5:30, but wasn't ready to get out of bed. {even though mr. c was already in the kitchen having coffee}. mia wasn't ready either. :) so i flipped on i love lucy, snuggled with my puppy, and giggled at lucy's shenanigans.

this morning a feather drifted across my windshield as i sat at a stoplight. i immediately thought of forrest gump. such a great movie and i love the music at the end when he watches the feather float in the wind. {or is it a leaf? i'm pretty sure it's a feather}.

i returned to my mountain this morning. and it felt so good! i'm not sure what was better...being reunited with my mountain or my friend, erma. we had months of catching up to do. we talked and hiked for miles...and laughed all along the way.

the last few mornings have been slightly cooler. it's only slight, but it's noticeable. i will take it!

after cutting my hair all summer i have decided to let it grow out. i am absolutely dreading the process. why do i do this?

mr. c.
oh, mr. c!
this man melts my heart and loves me so perfectly.
he brought me flowers the other day. {he often does if he stops at the grocery store}. he doesn't just grab any bouquet. he will point out certain flowers or colors and explain why he picked those particular flowers.
in the evening, he will usually sit in the living/kitchen area while i make dinner {or vise versa if he is cooking}. the other night he was scrolling through the channels and when he passed a movie he knew i loved he quickly went back and clicked on the channel...then glanced at my smiling face.
it's the little things that make my heart skip a beat.

and lastly...
is it just me or is pinterest a giant black hole that sucks you in for hours? seriously. i can scroll through forever and find things to make that i never thought i had an interest in. i scroll and pin, scroll and thing i know - i'm on amazon ordering soap making supplies!