Friday, August 3, 2018

weekend wishes

happy friday! happy weekend!

"no one ever made a difference by being like everyone else." p.t. barnum

i wrote the above words on my "quote board" by the front door today. i thought it was appropriate as school is starting and we are beginning a new year and new adventures. 

it's hard, sometimes, to stand up and be your own person. it's much easier to follow the crowd. 
it's not nearly as much fun! 

it has taken me years, decades to be my own person and not worry about what everyone else thinks. 
it feels so good to be me!

i am so thankful my kids are confident and comfortable in their own skin. i love watching them grow and be true to themselves. {they are way more confident than i was at their ages}.

this weekend we will be getting any last minute school supplies {cade has already had two days of school} and packing up rand's room. 
i will also teach some classes and do some baking. {lots of happiness right there}!

here's to a weekend full of  preparation, love, laughter, and marching to your own drum! 
be different!