Friday, August 10, 2018

weekend wishes

{randi circa 2012}

happy friday!
usually, i'm happy to have friday arrive.
but today? today i have mixed feelings.
this friday ushers in a weekend of changes. exciting, growing, wonderful changes!
and. changes that make me want to throw the covers over my head and cry. a little.

tomorrow at 6 AM we will move this sweet girl into her dorm. she is beyond excited. {rightly so}. i'm excited too. a part of me is even ready and anxious for her to go.
but. as i walk past her room and see all of her favorite things in boxes...
a little lump grows in my throat because i know this is the beginning of a new chapter and it will never be like it has been for the past 18 years. sure she will come home and we will still have laughs and dates and smiles, but she is an adult and will be making her own decisions and living on her own. 
i have been a little stressed and she has been driving me absolutely crazy, but now that we are hours away from the move...i find myself a little off...unsettled...excited and sad at the same time. {in fact, i am typing this as tears stream down my face}.

our home will be forever changed.

{cade circa 2009}

this weekend also brings changes for this darling boy. 
my baby will turn 14. FOURTEEN!

i'm not sure how this is even possible. he will be in high school in a year and driving in two years. in the blink of an eye i will be packing him up for college too.

he is taller than me and randi and wears bigger shoes than mr. c. 
he has my soul and always has time to shower me with hugs. always. 
oh, he drives me crazy too! but he and i are so much alike that i get him. i know why he drives me crazy. {it's the same things that drive me crazy about myself}!

raising these little cherubs has been the hardest and most rewarding job. i'm grateful they have made it fairly easy. i know i will never be done teaching, listening, and worrying...and some days i want to pull my hair out, but i wouldn't want to be doing anything else!

here's to a weekend full of changes...and embracing those changes {through tears and all}!!