Friday, August 24, 2018

weekend wishes

"laughter is the sound of the soul dancing." - jarod kintz

happy friday and happiest of weekends! 

my soul dances often. when i laugh, i laugh hard and loud. in fact, my kids think i have the loudest laugh in the world. they say they can find me in a crowd if i'm laughing. but. that's a good thing right?!

the other day at the gym a man {who works out the same time as me} sat down and said he was done. he did not want to come back. ever. i was shocked. "russ! how can you say that? you don't mean it. this is a happy place." he just looked at me. "ok miss happy."  then today he told me it was his mission to piss me off! {he was laughing as he said this}. i told him if he quit the gym that might just do the trick! he assured me he wouldn't do that.

a couple of days ago i had to have a few pics taken for elite fitness. {mr. c, cade, and i have worked out there for a while and now i will be teaching for them}. they needed headshots for their website and social marketing. it was fun. i was with all the cute, young girls that work there. i love them and they make me laugh. one of them was making me laugh so much the photographer had to say to me, "you're doing great, but don't open your mouth so big!" which, of course, made me laugh even more!

i love laughing and being happy and really, don't know any other way to be. and yes, i'm happy every day. i have bad moments, sure, but over is meant to be happy.

this weekend will be filled with teaching a few classes, dinner with some fabulous friends, getting over a cold, and keeping happy thoughts for randi as she starts the "rush" process!!

cheers to you and a weekend full of laughter and happiness!

and one more quote...
"i don't mind getting wrinkles if it's from laughing and spending time in the sun." - yoga girl