Monday, September 10, 2018


whew! we survived!

ok. it may have been my daughter rushing {not me}, but i felt every bit of nervousness and excitement!

i do not have any sisters...blood or sorority. {well, i do have two dear friends whom we refer to each other as sisters, but that's another story}. randi doesn't have any blood sisters either, but now she has a new forever group of sorority sisters.

since i did not pledge a sorority - this was a new experience for me too. and let me tell you...
it's tough. it's not for the faint of heart. it tests your dedication and nerves.
for six days you are narrowed down, voted on {or off}, talked about, judged and finally selected to your house. it's crazy! they tell the girls to trust the system and they mean it. by day three randi knew the house she really wanted  and that is the one she got. however, it's not the one she thought she wanted in the beginning. they really match the girl to the house. i'm pretty sure they have it down to a science!

randi never wanted to throw in the towel. even when the house she thought she really wanted dropped her...she kept her chin up and kept going. i, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck! i would wake up with knots in my belly. on the night she opened her envelope {the magical one announcing the house that wanted her} i was crossing every finger and toe and thinking the happiest, most wishful thoughts possible!  when she got dropped after the first round {everyone got dropped by some houses within the first two rounds} i suggested i head over there and tell them they are absolutely crazy not to vote on her. she is the best!! {randi didn't think that was such a good idea...go figure}.

i'm not sure i could have handled all of that at 18. {hell, i'm not sure i could at 45}! but randi? she is amazing with such an incredible self esteem. they are lucky to have her! and...she is lucky to have them. fun social events. life long friends. a true sisterhood.