Friday, September 21, 2018

weekend {fall} wishes

happy friday!
and. happy first weekend of fall!
fabulous, wonderful autumn officially starts tomorrow.
the temps are still in the 100's, but the pumpkins are coming out!
tonight i will cheer on mr. c at his play off game, but tomorrow? tomorrow the pumpkins and leaves and autumn spices will be filling my home!

the rest of the weekend will be filled with some classes, family time and a date with mr. c. {baseball date to be exact}!

it's been a good week. {although i thought it was friday for the past two days}!

  • i had two dates with girlfriends where i laughed and laughed and left them with my heart glowing.
  • i listened to my sweet girl excitedly talk about her major. {her new major. she is switching at semester}. it's a good thing. a great thing.
  • i have watched cade amaze us with his card tricks. he has some good ones that wow us!
  • i watched my new washer arrive then leave again because a plumber had to replace our valves. {insert boos and tears here}. plumber was here thirty minutes later, but they can't redeliver until next wednesday. {insert hysterical laughs and tears here}.
  • and finally, i have lots of thoughts about #metoo, our president, the kavanaugh hearings, his accuser...lots and lots of thoughts. however. i need to figure out how i want to articulate my thoughts and how much i want to say. stay tuned.  until then...
here's to a weekend filled with dancing fall leaves and scrumptious pumpkin spice!