Monday, September 17, 2018

weekend gone

it's monday.
monday night to be exact.
not only did i miss "weekend wishes" i even missed the day after!

thursday and friday i was busy making this little gem.  maybe not my best work, but i know it tasted delicious. my dear friend, lisa, always finds challenges for me in the baking arena. {actually, it's her little fireball daughter that finds things that take me outside my box}! a couple of years ago, she found a princess cake - five multi colored layers and a fondant dress. this year it was this unicorn cupcake cake. each of these multi colored cupcakes were filled with sprinkles. {i'm glad she has faith in me. i love baking for her}!

other news of the weekend...

mr. c won his baseball game.
asu lost their football game.
dbacks continue to lose. {i'm telling's because there is NO FIRE}!

we were childless saturday night and i had wine. {i know. i know. we - me and the wine - broke up, but we had a little date. it was nice}.
both of my cycle classes were fabulously fun!
we have a broken washing machine, so i went to the laundromat.
and. i liked it.
i have been binge watching "parenthood" and absolutely LOVE it.

temps are dropping!!! and i could not be more excited!
the hair sit still growing.

happy monday!