Saturday, September 1, 2018

weekend wishes

"try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." - maya angelou 

happy weekend!! and a long weekend at that!

i took this picture the other day as i was leaving the gym. i loved the little glimpse of rainbow in the middle of the clouds. 

over the last few days i have been watching the memorials for senator john mccain who passed away a week ago from brain cancer. there have been services here and in washington dc. knowing he was dying, he had his service mapped out. he asked the speakers months ago. politicians, professional athletes, family, friends, republicans, and democrats all shared stories and spoke of the great man he was. 

i didn't vote for him. i don't agree on all of his views. however, i gained great respect for the man when he lost to obama. it was in arizona where he greeted his crowd of supporters to give his concession speech. they booed and jeered at him losing. they were classless. he was nothing but classy and respectful. he spoke highly of obama and the man he is...even though he lost to him. 
he had such respect for him, he even asked him to speak at his funeral. george w. bush, who also beat him against a presidential race, was a friend of the late senator and spoke at his funeral as well. doesn't that speak volumes about the kind of man he was? you know who wasn't invited to the funeral? our current president. trump. he didn't like trump and did not respect him. {i agree with him there}!

i cried watching his daughter, meghan, say goodbye to her dad. i cheered {silently} at her beautiful and powerful eulogy. 
john mccain was definitely a rainbow in her cloud. in fact, i'm pretty sure he was a rainbow in many, many clouds. what a great way to be remembered and what a great way to live. we all need to remember to spread happiness in the lives of others. 

so. this weekend.
i'm going to make some homemade bagels. {just because}. 
maybe watch a movie. stay on pins and needles as randi rushes.
teach some classes. {one 75 minute cycle class because it's the first sunday of the month}!
knit. maybe scrapbook. maybe bake some more.
love on my loves.
and. hopefully, be the rainbow in someone's cloud.

cheers to a weekend full of kindness and rainbows!

grab tissues before watching this.