Friday, September 7, 2018

weekend wishes

{my sanctuary}

happy, happy friday!!!
i am so glad it's friday. i am more excited for friday than the weekend.
today is the first day {in a very long time} i do not have anything scheduled.
nothing. nada. zilch.
i walked mia early and was showered and ready for the day before i took cade to school.
i have already been to the grocery store and folded laundry and it's not even 9 AM yet!
i just had my protein pancakes and enjoying my second cup of coffee.
life is good.

so what i am going to do with my free, unscheduled day?
i may read, or knit, or sew, or scrapbook, or maybe bake...
or make homemade soap. {yes, i really did buy the necessary items after getting sucked into the dark hole of pinterest}.
whatever i do, i will be doing it in my sanctuary... my happy place.
there is no place i would rather be. having a full day at home is dreamy to me!

i am a homebody and so are my kids and mr. c. my heart grows when everyone is home. i love that they enjoy our home as much as me. it's a safe, happy place full of love.

this weekend will be pretty mellow. i have a few classes to teach. we may catch a dback game. we may watch smokey and the bandit in honor of burt reynolds {who passed away yesterday}. we may soak up some sunshine. we may just enjoy our sanctuary.
who knows! sometimes unplanned, unscheduled is the best.

here's to a weekend of time spent in your happy place...your sanctuary!