Monday, December 31, 2018

A Year for the Books

2018 was a good year. It was full of hikes, growth, change, love, trips, and happiness...

I turned 45. {May I also mention how much I miss that hair}?!

Randi became a Sundevil!!! After touring schools across the Northeast she decided to stay close. {And that makes my heart happy}.

She graduated high school...Cade grew like a weed...and I {for some reason} chopped my hair.

Mr. C and I spent some time in San Francisco and Napa. {Here we are at the beautiful Alpha Omega vineyard}.

Cade continued growing {6 inches and 25 pounds in 10 months} and playing baseball.

Randi and I did a quick {fabulous} girls trip to Portland. {Ok. Ok. The hair was kind of fun, but I am so ready for it to grow!!! And I am kind of missing those lashes too}.

Mr. C and I took 7 teenagers to Mexico and survived. We had never been to Rocky Point and not sure that we would return. Actually, Mr. C is certain he wouldn't return. I am on the fence.

My little beach bum. This kid could live on the beach. He loves it. However, Cali is his favorite. He even tells people he is from there!

Mr. C and I got to escape to Maui for a week. This was our third time to the island and we were able to do some different hike through the jungle!  {I still need to post our trip}!

I started my 16th year teaching for LA Fitness and began teaching at Elite Fitness as well. I LOVE it!

Our sweet Mia Rose turned 4 and is the reigning princess of the house.

I continued volunteering at South Mountain Environmental Education Center. A highlight was helping with their second annual luminary walk. It was a beautiful family event.

And, of course, lots of baking took place over the course of the year! This darling cake was donned with candy canes around the side and words written by Randi. 

In the last month of 2018, I began running again. It feels great! My dear friend and hiking partner {Erma} wants to do a marathon in her 50th year {which is now}. Being the friend I am...I volunteered to do it with her. "It will be fun!" "We can do it!" Yeah well...I'm getting a little nervous about it. {It's three weeks away}. However, mind over matter!! We will power through! We will laugh, complain, and laugh some more. The goal is to cross the finish line. Very doable.

2018 was a good year.  On to the next...

I have some big goals and plans for 2019. Things I have wanted to do for years, but THIS IS THE YEAR!  Yesterday Mr. C and I went to a hot yoga class. At the end of class we were all in shavasana and the instructor was talking in a calm soothing voice. She said, "Happy New Year to everyone. Let's kick ass in 2019! Namaste."
Perfectly said, right?

My motto for 2019: Kick ass! Namaste.