Monday, December 3, 2018

hello lovelies

ok. the break up is over.
i missed you, dear blogging world.

after sifting through years of posts and ordering printed books of all my online journaling...
i realized how much i have enjoyed it over the years and how great it will be for my children and future generations to have and read.

a few things have happened in the hot minute since i last wrote {over two months ago}. mr. c and i spent a week in maui. randi changed majors and moved dorms. cade grew. a lot! and, oh yeah, i had a mid life crisis and applied for about a million jobs and started working at one of them.

i know the suspense is killing you, but i will save all of that exciting news for upcoming posts. for now, i will tell you...i am still teaching my classes {as you can see above} and loving them. i am 100% in the christmas spirit and love waking up to my decorated home! our december weather is looking to be beautiful. cold, but not too cold and a little rain. just enough to wear cute boots and scarves and have a fire roaring in the fire place. winters in arizona may be one of the greatest things in the world.

happy, happy monday!

"every moment is a fresh beginning." - t. s. eliot

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