Friday, January 29, 2021

Fall in San Diego - October 2019

I begged. I pleaded. I dug my heels in the ground and said I wouldn't go. But. I spent five days of my October in San Diego anyway. (I know. I'm a brat. Who wouldn't want to go to San Diego)?

It was Cade's fall break and he begged and pleaded (obviously better than me) to go to SD. He has always been my beach baby. He could live in that water even if it is freezing and he needed a wetsuit. (Which we did buy day two of the trip). He spent four days surfing from sun up to sun down. He was in heaven.

Fall in San Diego is (as much as I hate to admit it) lovely. Temps were in the 60's-70's. I wore sweatshirts on the beach and the streets and beaches were far less crowded than summertime. The best part, however, was seeing this kid so happy. Mr. C was pretty happy too. (He also loves it there. I am the odd man out. Randi loves it too, but couldn't come with us because of classes).

Our VRBO was perfectly located on Mission and Beryl. We were a five minute walk from the beach, which made it perfect for two teenage boys. We were also walking distance from great restaurants and stores. We had some great meals out and were able to cook at our rental too. Some of our favorite places to chow down were: 

Taco Surf - burros, tacos, was all delish!

Breakfast Republic - scrambles, homemade jams, and the Presley... amazing!

Biggies Burger - burgers, chicken strips and veggie burgers were consumed and loved by all!

Mr. Moto Pizza - cheese, veggie, and sausage were hits!

Better Buzz Coffee - Best Drink Ever (that's what it's called) was amazing! We all liked our breakfast sandwiches and almond butter/jam toast!

Cade invited a friend along for the trip and the two of them were fun and easy. A couple of times we dropped the boys off at Mission Beach (we were at Pacific Beach), so they could hang with some friends from school (and have a little independence). I think they had a blast. (I mean, how could you not? Teenagers in SD with a little freedom)?!

From Phoenix the drive is so nice and easy. A short five hours and you are at the beach! 

Although the trip was better than I expected, I can't say it's one of my favorite places. I still prefer the mountains and smaller towns. I would probably like the beach better if I were in a small coastal town... just not a city gal! However, I loved our daily walks on the beach and seeing my boys so happy.